Week 2 – Burn the Boats

As week 2 came to a close something magical happened…sort of. I received my final paycheck from Best Buy. As I looked at that paycheck deposited in my account a phrase came to mind….I just burned my ship!

For those not familiar here is the cliff notes; when Hernán Cortés arrived in the new world seeking the vast treasure of the Aztec empire he had but 600 men, 16 horses and 11 ships. Knowing how vast and spread out the Aztec empire was he know it would take some serious motivation and drive from his men to conquer the Aztecs. As he stood on the beach speaking to his men; inspiring them with urges of adventure and vasts fortune. It was but 3 words that would change the coarse of the new world – “Burn the boats” His men would have to choice but to success because the only way they would be getting home was with their enemy’s boats…..

See here for a much more in depth description LINK

You may ask how this applies to me. After I gave my notice many people asked me why I choose to leave a comfortable corporate job to embark into the unknown versus moonlighting on the side until I had build something to replace my income at Best Buy. One word – Motivation. When you have the near never ending paycheck rolling in you get soft….nights after longs days at the office turn into binge netflix marathons and mindless internet browsing. But when the cash cow has moved on or in my case sent to the next farm you must succeed because there is no ship to carry me home. So as I move into week 3 my mind will be focused and all my energy with be towards conquering what is ahead of me.

Think about what quests, projects or opportunities you want to embark on and think through how to burn your own ship……It scary as fuck but damn does it feel great.

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