Around the Tubes – 11/03/2014

Interesting Articles on the Web:

Here’s How One New College Grad Made $66,000 In One Month–Without A Full-Time Job — This is why I work for myself. There are so many great stories and examples of people finding a niche and capitalizing. Just need to find mine.

Home Office Porn — Feel so inadequate….

Food Photography Basics — It is sad how long I have had my digital camera and still don’t know more than 1% of the functionality. Finding out I have a setting to correct for incandescent bulbs vs. natural light to take the “yellow-ish” color from photos was groundbreaking.

$100M Fund to Quantum Leap Discoveries — Reading this articles make a person want to go after some huge problem/opportunity. Looking forward to seeing who steps up.

Along the lines of the OS Fund; I am reading Peter Thiel’s (Member of the Paypal Mafia) new book Zero to One. The book describes that most companies take things from 1 to n but when you go from 0 to 1 you have truly created something new.

Enjoy, pass on to friends & send me over your best articles (vondols {at}

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