Deer Camp

Two weekend ago I spent my second year up at deer camp. I sit in my father-in-laws hunting retreat cabin; staring at the wall and just thinking in perfect silence. My annual retreat up north for deer hunting has little to do with hunting deer and a lot to do with self reflection (And a Little Fun). With no cell phone reception I am left with my books, thoughts and deafening silence.

This past year I spend the majority of the weekend getting caught up on podcasts, books and goal planning.

Blood, Bones & Butter: The Inadvertent Education of a Reluctant Chef – By Gabrielle Hamilton
I came home after finishing the book and promptly told the wife that I want to start up a Sunday Dinner tradition and was blaring Italian music throughout the house. Gabrielle’s long journey to becoming a top NYC Chef as well as the marrying into an Italian family (Month Long Summer Vacations to Italy) were a pure joy to read. She took her many life lesson and distilled them into her restaurant – Prune. I have included an interview she did a while back for your enjoyment.

Can’t Go Without: Gabrielle Hamilton

Along the same lines I got a chance to finally screen Jon Favreau newest movie Chef If Blood, Bones & Butter got me to play Italian music and host Sunday Dinner, Chef got me thinking about buying a food truck. This movie can only be described as Food Porn. Rent it, enjoy it and be prepared to be hungry when it is all over.

As far as goal planning goes I would say my time in the woods paid off. I went into the woods with a stack of blank paper and came out with nearly a dozen pieces of paper filled to the brim with potential goals. I categorized my “life” goals into the following buckets – Business – VonDols Enterprise, Travel, Life Experience, Personal Growth and Other.

To give you a little taste here are some random items from the lists:
-Attend a Robbie Williams Concert
-One Direction Concert with my girls (Kylie and Jackie)
-Learn how to breakdown a cow, pig and chicken — Butchering
-Create a business incubator
-Create passive income streams that would enable 30+ day learning vacations

As you can tell in typical Dols fashion; a little bit of everything. With this year nearly up I am focusing on what goals to put in place for 2015 with milestones and tracking/stakes. If any readers have interesting goals from their list feel free to shoot it over or leave it in the comments.

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