The Art of Reinvention

For some time now I have admired the writing of Tucker Max. His trilogy plus one of fratire has always spoken to my inner teenage / stuck in college inner being. I remember reading his first book on a business trip to San Francisco and laughing so hard that the row of people ahead and behind me popped their heads over the seats to inquire what was so damn funny. The topics of his website and books would be enough for several pages of blogging; yet I include him here to illustrate a person I am watching to better understand the art of reinvention. Since Tucker’s last book he has left his past behind and began a new chapter of his life which now includes:

-Angel Investing (Angel List Profile) – His AngelList profile has 16 confirmed investment that span tech, liquor (Deep Eddy Vodka) and hot sauce (Yellow Bird). He is also a regular on the Jason Camp’s Poor Man’s Angel podcast. Which over the past week I breezed through on the iPad.

The Mating Grounds Podcast – It would seem that making the leap from fratire to a podcast with the tag line ” The Man’s Guide to Sex and Dating” does not seem like that far of a leap but when your partner in crime is a PhD & world famous evolutionary psychologist and your first few podcast have this line-up: Dr. Heather Berlin, acclaimed researcher and neuroscientist, Dr. Scott Barry Kaufman, the Scientific Director of The Imagination Institute, Dr. Christopher Ryan, author of the bestseller Sex at Dawn and Matt Ridley, world famous zoologist and best-selling author of The Red Queen and The Rational Optimist.

Talk about a diverse line-up. In the course of researching this post I also ran into an E-Book that Tucker has penned called “How to Naturally Increase Testosterone” After a mis-adventure with a video x-ray machine (Google Tucker Max seX-ray – NSFW) he searched out professionals from around the country to help counter act his self imposed issue with low testosterone.

Book in a Box – He created a book publishing company for people who are too busy to sit down and actually write one. He did a good write up on LinkedIn about how he brought through execution

On top of all, Tucker up and got engaged and had a baby.

As I am very early in my reinvention from corporate drone to the new me; I have been getting inspiration from the radical reinventions such as the story of Tucker.

For me what stands out most from Tucker’s story and so many others that I have read of recent is the prevalence to be more than one thing. I have been striving to be more than just what my job is. For many years when I would meet new people all I would talk about was my job; it seemed to define who I was. Counter that with a conversation I had this week with a potential client

Client: What have you been up to since you left corporate life? Me: I am currently consulting with small businesses, working on creating my own streams of income through some new website/app assets, spending a day a week on personal growth; currently focusing on cooking and researching long range shooting.

Damn that felt good to describe. I never got into choose your own adventure books when I was younger….I now have a hunch that I would have devoured the fuck out of them.

Every Sunday as the week is upon me I think about what my ideal week would look like….I challenge each of you to think about what your ideal week would look like and how to get there. If what you do each day does not align to what your goals are…they are not your real goals.

Enter at your own risk – Tucker’s Old Stories

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