You Are Your Own Best Coach

This week brings my 36th birthday and I have more to celebrate than ever before. Healthy family, new career, more time than ever to spend with my family and my passions. With only days until my actual birthday I am reminded of an email I sent to my self in 2013 (Email written in 2012). I used a service through Below is a copy of the email I wrote to myself on Dec 3 12:35am….

Dear FutureMe,

You just turned 34. You are at a time in your life that you feel you need a change in your work life and your health. It is one year later. Did you make the change you needed in your life or are you still grinding by doing uninteresting things at work and feeling unhealthy. You are near the half way mark in your life…do something great and if not great at least interesting.


Damn am I poetic after mid-night. I don’t recall exactly what propelled me to write this but I do remember through-out the year several incidents where I recalled writing this note to myself and thinking about more than ever what I was doing with my life. The truth is I did not take my own advice in 2013 and 2014 nearly closed without me taking this sweet ass advice from 2012. That said, any day prior to my last is better than never. Inside each of us is our very own best coach, sometime you just need to document and reminder yourself what great nuggets of wisdom you have. Each one of us sits and day dreams at whatever hour is their peak for escaping the dullness of what you are doing and sees the future they want. You have to document that shit. Write an email to yourself, put a post it note on your monitor reminding you what you want, build a scrapbook or pinterest board…something to keep on reminding you of what you want. For me on that dark night it had not yet materialized…only the desire to do something interesting, not great, just interesting. Try to blow someone’s mind the next time they ask you what you have been up to.

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    “Try to blow someone’s mind the next time they ask you what you have been up to.”
    Love this line. How many times do we get this question and give the same answer “SSDD”, or “same old same old”. No! No more will this be an acceptable answer. I do want to blow someone’s mind. Thanks Dols for this!

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