Idea Sex

Where do great ideas come from? You could be from the school of thought that great ideas just happen or you could adopt my new favorite phrase “idea sex” Great ideas come from little old ideas getting together and getting it on and spawning little idea children. Many of these children grown up to disappoint you (i.e Bad Ideas) but some of these ideas grow up and cure fucking cancer (i.e Great ideas). The idea sex construct comes from my latest reading of James Altucher’s book Choose Yourself.

So how do you create a velvety lined wall, silk sheet covered bed type environment for your ideas? What type of music brings the bow chicka wow wow? How do you maximize your brain’s plenty of fish, and eharmoney profiles to bring forward the perfect mates?

First and foremost you need to bring the chit chat. Fill your mind with information from a variety of disciplines, topic and industries. Ideas want to meet other interesting ideas and if you only watch new and reruns of Keeping up with Kardashians your ideas will be limper than…well you know what.

Second, exercise the shit out your idea muscles. Every day no mater what flex your muscle to the point of breaking a serious sweat. James’ idea is to buy a box full of waiter pads (you know those green little pads) and every day take one of those and right 10+ ideas for anything. 10 new blog posts, 10 reasons why you love star wars, 10 ideas for top 10 idea lists, 10 types of underwear you would never wear, 10 favorite board games from the 1980’s….you get the picture.

Here is what I have been filling my brain with of late:
-Research into world commodity markets
-How to trade options and futures
-Self Help Advice Column from Dear Sugar
-Autobiography of Lee Iacocca
-Daily Meditation practices
-Hot Yoga

Now go out and set the mood for some serious idea banging.

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