Around the Tubes 1/19/2015

From the way way beyond of the tubes

Will 2015 be the year of the freelancer – It will be for me! Many of the lost jobs of the 2008 financial melt down have still not come back or have come back in the form of temp worker. More and more millennials are choosing a new path. It will be interesting how labor stats change over the coming years to account for us slashes (/) – freelancer / entrepreneur / stay home dad / philosopher

Playing with my son – This father takes gaming with his son to a whole new level; starting with Atari 2600 and takes him through the entire evolution of gaming in chronological order to present day. This seems a little extreme for me but now that I think about it; I am starting to plan watching Star Trek The Next Generation with Pierce to introduce him to the TV show that spawned my love for computers, science fiction and nerd-dom. Hoping to stir within him that same spark that the show delivered for me.

How 6 Startup Founders Manage Stress and Avoid Burnout – Many people struggle with burnout in some form or fashion. Take a page from people in the trenches of the start-up world.

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