Around the Tubes 5/1/2015

Happy May Day!  Here is a jam packed version.  Enjoy the reading of my eclectic interests.

3 Questions you Need to Answer Before You’ll Have the Life You Want – Ryan Holiday is the reason I am reading my first philosophy books since college.  Actually to think of it did not really read any for my philosophy class in college.  Took an online class and forgot about it all semester then stayed up all night studying for the one exam.  Pull off a B-  Hell Ya!  Back to topic – Decide your Why, Decide how you want to live & Decide to be OK with what others do.  Simple but elegant thoughts on life.

Smart Drugs and (almost) becoming a genius – I have been known to dabble in crazy diet/heath/lifehacking….Not quite sure I want to mess with my brain this much.  Fun read.

Big Data Startup Centriam is Minneapolis’ Little Secret – I have been getting more and more involved in the local tech scene in the Twin Cities and thougth that this was a good profile on a small start-up doing cool stuff with big data.  Its easy to get the data but really hard to make it user friendly to the point of influencing decisions and actions.  I like the dashboard view within the article.  Great quote from one of the founders – “We’re a small shop that can compete with many larger name brands — IBM, Accenture, Teradata, etc,” Jez says. “It’s very exciting space these days and now people are coming to us based on our reputation.”

The art of staying focused in a distracting world – Don’t talk to you kids while having your head buried in your phone or tablet!  I am way too guilty of this

The Esquire Guide to Salt – Find the right salt for the right situation….Utility salt, finishing salt and homemade seasoned salt.  Thanks Trent.

Rapid Fire

Google Ventures’ 5-Day Playbook for a Better Business

10,000 Hours with Reid Hoffman: What I Learned

How successful people work less—and get more done

The Five-Minute Fitness Recharge

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